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Welcome to the
Sunrise for Morning Song
Poetry Site

"....The site is really a dedication to the
Morning and the new life it brings...."

- Morning Song

new self
words poring forth
like a newborn babe
I stretch and reach
for what is there
always discovering
something I'd not found

at a time of
new beginnings
are possible

thus it happened
I began
to throw off
the chains
others had heaped
upon me

to discover myself

when I did
the words poured forth
as if from a spring,
the water flowing up
from deep inside the earth

released into daylight
the cool,
liquid bubbled and sang
a song of it's own

a Song of Morning
for a new day,
a new life,
had begun

©Morning Song. 2001

on this site you will find a plenitude of poetry... a veritable variety of verse... a multitude of muse...

ok, you get the idea... 

September 19th, 2001
added new poem "Morning Song" (left) to the main page

June 6th, 2001
added new poem 'Musings'

February 7th, 2001
added a new poem 'The Winds of Change' written by
thenorm and Morning Song



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